Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm So Happy!

A HUGE thank you to Amanda at Crafty Creations by AJ for the fantastic award! Her work is so wonderful that I'm touched to receive an award from such a crafty talent!

The award rules are :
1. Thank the person who gave it to you. I've done that!
2. Add it to your blog. Also done.
3. Post my favourite pic.
Ok, this is what immediately came to mind. I feel a little guilty it's only my daughter and I have 2 boys as well. But I really love this photo! Last year we went to the Butterfly Conservatory and Livianna ( my daughter ) wanted a butterfly to land on her soooooo badly. An hour later, one had landed on everyone but her! Every time one fluttered around she would freeze with her arms extended just hoping to get lucky. When it finally happened, her face filled with pure happiness and awe, and I'm so thankful I managed to capture alot of that look in this pic.

4. List three things about myself.
a) When my kids are all in school and I have more "me" time, I intend to take up jogging.
b) In my early teens I excelled in painting and was starting to get some recognition for it. As it didn't want to be labelled as an "artist" I quit entirely and still sometimes struggle to allow the creative part of me out. I never leave my work area messy, and tidy it whenever I'm finished for the night to soothe my non-creative, rational side.
c) It's possible I have an addiction to paper!
5. Send this award to 5 other people. This is a bit tricky, but the rule is 5 so here goes,

Sandra at Papier Gardens. A good friend and very talented crafter.
Jan at Huh, So This Is a Blog. She has an unusual and fun style.
Faye at Stampin' Fluff N Stuff. Her work is fantastic, and her posts are laugh out loud funny.
Juls at The Glitter Chick. She makes the most elegant and classy cards.
Jill at A Life Well Crafted. A busy, inspirational crafter who always finds the time to say something nice.

Ok, I think I can now gracefully accept my award!


Jill said...

Oooh thank you Farrah, I will sort it all out tomorrow when I am home. I have a quick blog update to do and then I am off to a scrapbook crop all day today, so look out for my post then!! Jill x

JanR said...

But that's unusual in a good way though, right? ;-)

Thanks so much Farrah! I really appreciate the honour.

Juls said...

Hi Hon, thank you so much for pasing the award onto me, it is really appreciated! Hugs Juls